Woman named Siri wants free MacBook after years of lame iPhone jokes

Woman named Siri wants free MacBook after years of lame iPhone jokes


No, not THAT Siri.
This is Siri. No, not like Siri from the iPhone.
Photo: Siri Hafso

Apple’s Siri voice control system was named after a real woman in Norway. This isn’t her story.

Instead, it’s the story of Siri Hafso, an ordinary Apple fan who’s very tired of people making jokes about her name. And she asked Apple CEO Tim Cook if he can make it up to her.

Hafso sent an email to the executive to tell her story. When she was a girl, she was told things like, “Your name is so beautiful and unique.” Then in 2011, Apple unveiled its AI assistant with the same name. Starting then, the woman had to put up with being asked, “Siri? Like the iPhone?” whenever she introduced herself.

It’s become so annoying she changed her name tag at work. “Every time I tell someone my name, I get a comment. Every time!” she says.

Simple solution to Siri’s sob story

But she has a solution. One that’s much simpler than Apple changing the name of its voice assistant. She’d like a MacBook.

Currently, she’s getting by on an iPad Air 2 and occasionally borrowing a hand-me-down MacBook that belonged to her father, then her mother. She’d like something more reliable than a tablet released in 2014.

Siri Hafso’s 30th birthday is coming up and she knows what she’d like as a present from Tim Cook: a MacBook she could use to look for work and to teach dance classes online. “This would make up for all the Siri jokes I have endured over the years,” she says.

Read Hafso’s full email on TikTok.


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