Brydge iTrack offers wireless trackpad just for iPad

Brydge iTrack offers wireless trackpad just for iPad


Brydge iTrack is available now.
Brydge iTrack might complete your iPad-centric desktop setup.
Photo: Brydge

Brydge iTrack may be the first trackpad designed specifically for iPad. That allows the desktop accessory to take full advantage of the support for trackpads Apple added to iPadOS.

And while it uses Bluetooth, Brydge promises minimal connection hassles.

An increasing number of iPad keyboard include a trackpad, but not all. And many people use their tablet as a desktop with a full-size keyboard. “The new iTrack is designed to work seamlessly along any other keyboard or accessory, complementing all workflows,” said Brydge.

iTrack designed for iPad

Beyond just pointing and clicking, the new input device supports the multi-touch gestures built into iPadOS for Apple’s own Smart Keyboard. These allow users to switch apps, open the Home screen, scroll, or enlarge images with only trackpad.

Brydge is aware that slow Bluetooth reconnects get on people’s nerves, so the peripheral stays connected to the tablet for up to four hours.

“Users who prefer iPadOS are choosing the iPad as their primary device — both on the go and in a desktop environment,” said Brydge. “With iTrack, you can tap into the full capabilities of iPadOS, creating a desktop environment that works for you.”

iTrack is available now on the Brydge website in one color option: space gray. It costs $99.99, and only 500 are available in the first shipment.