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Develop your photography skills in this elite Hollywood master class


These courses reveal the secrets of two of Hollywood's most sought-after photographers.
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There is a talented individual behind the lens of every iconic movie poster and stunning magazine portrait. And surprisingly often, one of those individuals is either Michael Muller or Patrick Hoelck.

These longtime friends and photography colleagues are responsible for some of the most striking and globally recognized images, from Wolverine film posters to Rihanna album covers. Now, Muller and Hoelck are sharing the secrets of Hollywood-level professional photography in a 20-hour master class that’s now available for $99.

I’ll take Hollywood photo tips for $99

For less than $100, you’ll gain exclusive access to content that’s worth nearly $3,000. With these fun courses, you will learn from Hollywood’s most sought-after photographers as you master photography and Photoshop.

In this 13-course bundle, you’ll learn more about Muller and Hoelck as they teach you the fundamentals of exceptional photography. In one course, you’ll venture into the studio with Hoelck, where you’ll learn more about edge lights, directional beauty light and triple-key lighting. Here, you’ll also learn how to create dramatic shadows and how to capture motion.

In Muller’s courses, you’ll virtually head outdoors and on location with him. You will learn how to make the most out of available natural light — and also when, and where, to add more lights. You’ll get the scoop on alternate looks, backlighting, perspectives, angles and setting up a seamless production while shooting outdoors.

Master location shoots

On-location shoots require abstract reflections, natural lighting and bounce cards, which you’ll be able to wield with precision after learning how to execute a test shoot anywhere. Additionally, Muller and Hoelck share how to create the perfect portrait, as well as how to utilize light to bring out the best in your photography subjects.

Through additional courses from fellow pro photographers and editors, you will learn how to shoot professional-level shots both in and out of the studio. And you will discover how to edit photos into potential magazine covers and movie posters.

That’s why aspiring photographer Dennis M. gave this course bundle a five-star review. “The fact that I can gain the latest knowledge and techniques from the pros to help my career is a game-changer!” Dennis said.

Go to Photo School and learn the pros’ secrets

Learning something creative can be valuable for anybody, and if you are looking to up your photography game in particular, look no further than the Photo School: Learn Photography & Photoshop from Hollywood’s Masters bundle. Available for a limited time at just $99, this course bundle is an absolute steal. Grab it now and learn elite photography secrets from Hollywood’s most exclusive photographers.

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