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Whether you already have an established career as a designer or want to start dabbling as one to flex your skills as a creative, most employers agree: Being proficient in Adobe is a base requirement. Specifically, knowing how to leverage Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop is a must, whether you’re developing graphics for a website, building out a logo for a business or custom-printing your own work to sell.

Learn Adobe Cloud

Adobe Creative Cloud is an essential suite of tools for graphic and web design, photo and video editing, and more. But it isn’t exactly easy to learn on your own. To master it, the Pay What You Want: The Epic 2021 Adobe Creative Cloud Bundle is exactly what you need. And you can get it now for a fraction of its list price.

Here’s how the bundle works. Name any price, and you’ll unlock the last two courses focused on Adobe Illustrator and Adobe XD. Beat the average price listed on the page, and you’ll get all eight courses to add to your toolkit. It’s an amazing way to get 70-plus hours of premium instruction about some of the most in-demand graphic design tools out there today. Even better, each of these courses rate 4.3/5 stars or higher.

Whether you want to sharpen existing skills, or teach yourself a new one, this eight-course bundle will prove helpful. It features courses that detail a number of skills.

For example, one will help you master the basics of Photoshop, including how to set your own workspace, use the selection tools, fix different types of damage and more. You’ll even discover how to create, prototype and share your UX/UI designs.

You’ll also learn the ins and outs of Illustrator. You’ll create real projects that help you speed up your productivity and workflow.

The bundle also includes courses that show you how to create beautiful, professional video content with editing tools like After Effects and Premiere Pro. Others will teach you how to use tools like Adobe XD to design dynamic, development-ready mobile app user interfaces that will engage users and impress your employer or client.

Pay What You Want: The Epic 2021 Adobe Creative Cloud Bundle

This Pay What You Want: The Epic 2021 Adobe Creative Cloud Bundle is worth $,1592. Name your price and you can earn savings of up to 99%.

Prices subject to change.