Run Windows on your Mac as if it were a PC with this CrossOver discount


CrossOver lets you run Windows apps on your Mac.
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Have you ever seen a language app translator get frazzled? It happens often: Every language is filled with nuance, so copying and pasting a paragraph of text often results in funny mistranslations. Translating a language with algorithms is difficult, and computer languages are no different.

Run Windows on a Mac

Anyone who has had to use Windows programs on a Mac will tell you the same thing: Emulators are like language translators that don’t get it quite right, resulting in a clunky, inefficient user experience.

For anyone looking for the best language translator between Windows and Mac, look no further than CrossOver. The first software to do things differently, CrossOver lets you save money on software licenses, lose out on emulator lags, and integrate into your desktop with a simple icon. And it’s all available with a quick, one-click installation process.

Available now in a “One” license package for $19.99 and a “Pro” license package for $39.99, you’ll be able to save time, money and headaches with this heavily discounted elite software.

CrossOver: A different approach to running Windows on Mac

What makes CrossOver different from those bulky emulators is that it does the translating work differently. CrossOver actually translates Windows commands into Mac commands, which allows you to run Windows software as if it were native to a Mac computer.

There’s no need to worry about any missed translations here. CrossOver translates the commands right every time, meaning you won’t notice a thing as you freely use Windows and Mac software as you please. Perfectly adaptable, CrossOver works with all kinds of software, including productivity software, utility software and even games — all from the same accessible desktop icon.

That’s exactly what Rudy Elliot had to say after benefitting from CrossOver.

“Integrates really well, as long as the application is supported, runs as it does in Windows, allowing me to use my favorite applications almost natively on MacOSX,” Elliot said. “Some applications run even better than in Windows.”

Save on CrossOver for Mac

Join Elliot and all the other savvy Mac users who know the secret to doubling up on Windows and Mac software. They know that CrossOver is the best translator out there. Get CrossOver One for a year at just $19.99 and CrossOver Pro at just $39.99 for a limited time only.

Prices subject to change.