This luxurious 4-in-1 charger handles iPad, iPhone, Apple Watch and more


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Made of high-end wood and leather, this glorious charging tray is perfect for all your Apple gear.
Photo: Nytstnd

Many wireless charging stations lack something iPad users need: a place to prop up and charge their beloved tablets.

It may seem like a charging station fit for an iPad wouldn’t be as sleek and convenient as smaller models, but the opposite is true for the Nytstnd Quad Tray. Channeling sophisticated elegance with wood and cloth accents, this powerful multi-device charger will create a comfortable home for your essential personal items with a fashionable flourish. Available now for $191.99, this beautiful charger is well worth the price for an upscale charging experience.

One charger for all your Apple gear

As its name suggests, the Quad Tray is specially formatted to charge up to four devices at a time. Three devices can be charged wirelessly at once with the five-coil surface area and the built-in genuine Apple Watch magnetic charger. For your iPad, there is an integrated Lightning or USB-C connector built in.

Embracing its size, this luxurious dock also offers a tray to hold your wallet, keys and other essential personal items, making it a perfect resting spot on any nightstand or desk. With foreign object detection — and overheating, overpressure and overcurrent protections — the Quad Tray takes care of your devices while it holds them.

It comes in two colors, with the option for either Lightning or USB-C ports. Pick the color and port you prefer:

No matter which you choose, the Quad Tray is crafted with premium, Amish-sourced wood and high-quality leather. It will blend into any environment effortlessly.

Save on Nytstnd Quad Tray charger for iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch and more

Designed for the stylish, tech-savvy individual, the Nytstnd Quad Tray will help you create a home for your most essential items. Available now at $191.99, this 4-in-1 wireless charger is a fantastic way to start and end your day.

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