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iTest puts pretend Samsung Galaxy on your iPhone


iTest puts pretend Samsung Galaxy on your iPhone
Photo: Ed Hardy/Cult of Mac

Samsung reached out to iPhone users with iTest — a web app that simulates a Galaxy smartphone on an iOS device. The device maker says it’s hoping some people “might find the grass a shade greener.”

The iTest app isn’t a simple static image — it offers samples of some commonly-used Android applications, including phone calls and texts with marketing messages.

A message from Samsung says, “You’re about to get a little taste of a Samsung, without changing phones. We can’t replicate every function, but you’re quickly see there’s nothing daunting about the other side, in fact you might find the grass a shade greener.”

Samsung iTest might make you want to take an eye test

There are images in the Gallery, the UI theme can be changed, the Galaxy Store shows the software available and much more. Just don’t be startled if you open the Camera app and there’s more there than you might expect.

It’s a production of Samsung New Zealand, and so all the marketing messages are from people with that regional accent.

To give it a try, visit It’ll be necessary to put the web app onto your iPhone’s home screen, then open it from there.

Anyone who hasn’t used an Android device might find it interesting to see how the other half lives. And seeing it happen on an iPhone gives a unique twist.

Of course, a web app can’t give the full experience of owning a Samsung handset, like having the value drop as much as $281 a month.