This magnetic power bank wirelessly charges your iPhone for less than $40


Charge your iPhone anywhere with this reliable wireless power bank.
Photo: BackPack

On average, Americans view their smartphones up to 52 times a day, whether we’re scrolling on Instagram, working a side gig or texting a friend.

The more we use our phones, the more we need to charge them. And if you want to keep your iPhone battery full on the go, you’ll need a reliable charger that can easily fit in your backpack or purse. That’s where the BackPack Magnetic 5,000mAh Power Bank comes in. Made with extra-strength magnets, this power bank locks safely to the back of your phone.

Although made for the iPhone 12, this versatile power bank provides universal wireless charging so you can get on with your day with a full battery. It has a 5,000mAh battery and its bottom ports allow USB Type-C out and/or Type-A out. It even comes with a USB-C cable to charge itself for when it eventually runs out of power.

The BackPack’s sleek design and small size make it perfect for placing on your desk or tabletop, especially if your outlets are already used up by other gadgets. Its wireless design is an additional perk: You won’t add to the jungle of wires on your desk space or nightstand.

With this efficient charger, you no longer need to deal with cumbersome, chunky power banks. All you need is about 4.5 inches of desk space and your device will be ready to power up in no time.

Normally priced at $49, the BackPack Magnetic 5,000mAh Power Bank is on sale for only $39.99.

Prices subject to change.