Brilliant MacBook Pro concept packs in the features we want


This 14-inch MacBook Pro concept is by Renders by Ian
A new 14-inch MacBook Pro concept is based on leaks about this upcoming macOS laptop.
Concept: Ian Zelbo/Renders by Ian

A 14-inch MacBook Pro reportedly will join Apple’s product lineup, and a concept artist merged all the rumors into a design that might hit store shelves later in 2021.

It includes more ports than any MacBook in years, but even important is what’s missing: the Touch Bar and most of the screen bezels.

The design is by Ian Zelbo, who’s only 17 years old but has already developed some skills. He posted his 14-inch MacBook Pro concept on Twitter.

Zelbo gave a synopsis of his design, saying, “Highlights: New 14” display, MagSafe magnetic charger brought back, HDMI and SD card return, flatter overall design, removal of the Touch Bar, and the new M1X Chip.”

14-inch MacBook Pro isn’t a flight of fancy

Some concepts explore the extremes of computing. Zelbo’s design, however, is based on what analysts and leakers indicate will be in one of Apple’s upcoming macOS laptops.

Unconfirmed reports of a 14-inch MacBook Pro have been around since spring 2020, and there’ve been multiple followups. There’s speculation that Apple will fit a larger display into a chassis the same size as the current 13.3-inch model by reducing the screen bezels. The result would look much like this concept.

Zelbo left out the LED Touch Bar because reliable analyst Ming-Chi Kuo predicted that this controversial feature is being dropped.

But the 14-inch MacBook Pro concept includes plenty of ports because Kuo says they’re coming. Apple’s top-tier macOS notebooks will allegedly include a built-in SD card reader and an HDMI port. And a MagSafe charger too. All of this in a slimmer design.

The 13-inch MacBook Pro released autumn 2020 was among the first with an Apple M1 processor, not an Intel chip. Zelbo speculates its replacement will be built around an “M1X,” presumably an improved version.

Unfortunately for people eager to see the 14-inch MacBook Pro go from concept to store shelves, this computer isn’t expected any time soon. The current 13-inch version only launched in November 2020 — less than 5 months ago — and production of its successor won’t start until autumn 2021.