Use Apple’s keyboard and trackpad in your lap with MagicBridge Extended


Twelve South MagicBridge Extended is large enough to get jammed sideways in the Suez Canal
Attach Apple’s full-size keyboard to the trackpad for easier use with MagicBridge Extended.
Photo: Twelve South

Twelve South’s MagicBridge Extended takes two Apple input devices and makes them into one. It attaches the Magic Trackpad 2 to the Magic Keyboard with Numeric Keypad so they can both be used in your lap.

This is a larger edition of the MagicBridge, which is designed for the version of the Apple Magic Keyboard without the numberpad.

MagicBridge Extended offers lapability

Twelve South points out Apple’s accessories look like they were designed to attach, as they’re the same width and height. And merging them makes them easier to use. “When your trackpad is predictably beside your keys — on the right or left side of your keyboard — your fingers will find it without you having to look down from your screen.” And, as noted, MagicBridge can be held in the lap when leaning back or sitting on a sofa.

The polycarbonate accessory comes in white or back to match the user’s keyboard and trackpad. It provides easy access to all ports and switches, and won’t interfere with Bluetooth.

Twelve South created a video to demo the accessory in action:

The MagicBridge Extended is available starting Tuesday on the Twelve South website for $49.99. The original version is $39.99.

The Magic Keyboard with Numeric Keypad costs $129 on Apple’s website, while the Magic Trackpad 2 is also $129. Just so there’s no confusion, these are sold separately from the MagicBridge.