Clean your floors without lifting a finger with this $40 smart vacuum


smart vacuum
This affordable smart vacuum is a great Roomba alternative.
Photo: Zhenbao

If the thought of “spring cleaning” your home or apartment makes you shudder, then this robot vacuum is the solution to all of your anxieties. The Zhenbao Smart Vacuum Cleaner does all the hard work for you for $40. Just power it up and relax as it spruces up your place this spring.

Robovac to the rescue

This smart vacuum’s ultra-thin body makes it ready to clear the dust bunnies under your couch, bed and any other hard-to-reach place. While it’s zooming around your floor, you may not even notice where it’s disappeared. Its ultra-low noise function enables it to clean soundlessly.

The vacuum is prepared for deep cleaning, fashioned with a 1,600 Pa suction port and two side brushes. It runs for up to three hours a day, and when its battery gets down to 20%, it automatically recharges itself.

While the Zhenbao smart vacuum is adept at cleaning, its smart features make it truly user-friendly and useful. You program everything on the vacuum itself instead of using a remote control. And with intelligent anti-collision and anti-drop features, you can be sure your robovac won’t knock over a delicate vase or accidentally tumble down the stairs.

Save on a Zhenbao robot vacuum

We all want the “clean” part of “spring cleaning,” but we don’t want the headache that comes with wiping down every inch of our homes. If you don’t have the time or energy to vacuum, let the Zhenbao Smart Vacuum Cleaner do the dirty work for you. Available for a limited time at just $39.95, this is a steal that is sure to put a little spring in your step.

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