Take your photo skills to pro level with the $30 Superstar Photographer bundle


This 11-course bundle covers shooting portraits, post-processing, editing and much more.
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There are plenty of good reasons why you’d want to learn to take and edit beautiful photos. Whether you’re starting a side hustle in photography, want to capture your memories or grow your brand on social with high-quality content, it helps to have composition and editing skills.

Get the photo skills you need

The Complete 2021 Superstar Photographer Bundle offers 11 courses that cover everything from the basics of photography to the best tips for shooting on-site and editing the finished result for a professional look and feel.

These courses start by breaking down the basics. For example, you’ll learn how to properly use your camera, smartphone or tablet and train your eye to recognize great composition. From there, the courses break out in accordance to different specifications — like how to perfectly capture human subjects for portraits, wedding photography, family photography and more.

You’ll learn how to properly leverage lighting tools and techniques to make your subjects stand out, capture emotional moments as they happen in real time, and position and pose your subjects for photos they’ll love.

Then you’ll move to the outdoors, learning what gear, composition tips and filters to use to capture gorgeous landscapes worthy of any magazine. You’ll explore the basics of night photography and the necessary equipment to capture incredible images in the evening. You’ll also learn to take compelling photos you can share with friends or get eyes on your photographic practice.

Finally, you’ll dig into the true essentials of post-processing and editing, elevating your images to deliver the drama and impact you desire. There are multiple ways you can use post-processing and editing to dramatically change the overall look of your images. This lesson helps you break down all your choices step by step. By the end of the course, you’ll make deliberate decisions to shape your art.

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