Play iPhone games with keyboard and mouse with new KeyMander 2 Mobile


IOGear KeyMander 2 Mobile debuts in mid-March.
Hook your iPhone, iPad or Apple TV to a keyboard and mouse for gaming with the KeyMander 2 Mobile from IOGear.
Photo: IOGear

The IOGear KeyMander 2 Mobile is for iPhone users that prefer gaming with a keyboard and mouse instead of a touchscreen or controller. It works with Apple Arcade, Google Stadia and App Store games. Even ones that don’t offer native support for desktop-type input devices.

Beyond iPhone, it also works with iPad and Apple TV.

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“The KeyMander 2 Mobile lets gamers take control of their gameplay by enabling keyboard and mouse control that can be fine-tuned to match user preferences — providing gamers that prefer a desktop-style gaming experience the maximum advantage,” notes IOGear.

KeyMander 2 Mobile goes beyond simple keyboard access

The adapter was developed with first-person shooters as well as role-playing and real-time-strategy games in mind. But the developer promises support for over 1,000 mobile and cloud-based titles. That includes ones from cloud services, including NVIDIA’s GeForce NOW and Microsoft’s upcoming Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. And it supports iOS Remote Play with PS4 and Xbox One.

The hardware is paired with the free K2 App for custom key mapping, setting mouse sensitivity, macro functions and more.

Watch IOGear’s video preview to see the accessory in action.

Just to be clear, this is not a video adapter. Those who want to play games on a TV will need separate hardware for that.

KeyMander 2 Mobile is scheduled to debut on March 16. It’ll be available on Amazon for $99.95.