Use lights and mirrors to solve beautiful puzzles in Lumen on Apple Arcade


‘Lumen’ debuted Friday exclusively on Apple Arcade
Open a mysterious box to reveal dozens of light-oriented puzzles in Lumen.
Graphic: Lykke Studios

Lumen is a new vision in gaming. Literally. It invites players to solve a variety of puzzles by manipulating lights, lenses and mirrors.

The puzzler debuted Friday for a variety of platforms exclusively through Apple Arcade.

Open a box that’s lain hidden since the 1800s to reveal a mystery. The box once belonged to Scottish inventor Ms. Olivia McLumen, who saved her robotic machines, devices and vehicles as cinematic frames. But revealing each one requires solving a puzzle of McLumen’s design.

Lumen is the creation of Lykke Studios, who promises 160 levels at launch, and more to follow. The developer says the game is “easy to pick up and play at any time, for either short or long sessions, on any Apple device.”

The soundtrack for this single-player puzzler is soothing piano and saxophone.

Watch the launch trailer to see what the game has to offer:

Lumen is an Apple Arcade exclusive

Apple Arcade subscribers can start playing Lumen on Friday by downloading it from the App Store. It’s available for Mac, iPhone, iPad and Apple TV, and can be played on touchscreens or game controllers.

This isn’t the only puzzler that Lykke Studios created for Apple’s gaming service. It also made Tint, in which players solve puzzles by painting.

Enjoying either of these, or the 100+ other games that are part of Apple Arcade, costs $4.99 a month. But there are no hidden costs, like in-app purchases or ads. Don’t expect to have to buy “light coins,” etc.  to play Lumen.