Dodge giant doughnuts in Populus Run on Apple Arcade


‘Populus Run’ zoomed onto Apple Arcade on Friday.
Populus Run is a curious take on diet and exercise.
Photo: FiftyTwo

Populus Run isn’t a typical running game. Players control a group of people, not a single runner. And, oh yeah, you have to evade gigantic fast food and engage in rap battles. Because games.

The title zoomed onto the Apple Arcade subscription service on Friday.

The folks at FiftyTwo seem like they might have issues with diet and exercise. Their new game involves dodging super-size fast food while running and sliding. And those rap battles? They’re with bosses like Macaron, Donut and Burger. The subtitle is, “The sugar-free running game.” Yep, issues.

And Populus Run’s original soundtrack is quirky too, as it consists of choral singing about the joys of running.

Watch the teaser trailer to get a taste of the fun:

This is a single-player game — despite the on-screen crowd. There are versions for iPhone, iPad, Mac and Apple TV. External game controllers are supported. The action game is for ages 9 and up.

Play Populus Run on Apple Arcade now

FiftyTwo’s Populus Run can be downloaded now from the App Store. But doing so requires a subscription to Apple Arcade. This costs $4.99 a month, and there are no hidden costs, like in-app purchases or ads.

Pulls, the service includes over 100 other games. Speed freaks might enjoy Warp Drive – Teleport Racing or Sayonara Wild Hearts.