Conquer challenging 3D puzzles in Spire Blast on Apple Arcade


‘Spire Blast’ launched on Apple Arcade on Friday.
Spire Blast on Apple Arcade asks you to knock down towers with a dragon’s help.
Screenshot: Orbital Knight

Spire Blast, a physics-based match puzzler that debuted Friday on Apple Arcade, is one of those simple games that so many people find addictive.

Strategically use colored balls to knock down towers. It’s a casual game that’s easy to learn but with multiple levels to keep it challenging.

Orbital Knight, the developer, says of Spire Blast, “with your ever-hungry dragon companion, collapse numerous mysterious towers of all shapes and sizes that have risen all over the kingdom.“

There are many similar titles available for “free” but with in-app purchases required to make the game fun. Not this one. Orbital Knight’s latest is part of Apple Arcade, which forbids such tricks.

Watch the trailer to discover what to expect.

I’ve only played a few levels this game but am already moderately obsessed. Fair warning: don’t start if you don’t have time to play.

Spire Blast: Start smashing towers now

Spire Blast can be downloaded now from the App Store. There are versions for a variety of Apple computers. The iPhone and iPad ones are portrait-only, while the Mac and Apple TV versions are landscape-only. All support external game controllers.

Playing requires a subscription to Apple Arcade, a $4.99-per-month service that comes with over 100 other games. And more are added regularly. That includes other casual games like Pac-Man Party Royale.