ParcSlope stand gracefully supports MacBook or iPad


Twelve South ParcSlope is a desktop productivity stand.
ParcSlope props up either a MacBook or an iPad, making them easier to work on.
Photo: Twelve South

Some stands are designed for laptops, others for tablets. The ParcSlope from Twelve South is both. The desktop accessory, announced Tuesday, elevates the back edge of either a MacBook or iPad, allowing the user to either type more easily or draw on the touchscreen.

“With ParcSlope, MacBook users enjoy better ergonomics and increased airflow for a cooler, quieter MacBook. iPad users will love the feel of the 18-degree sketching/typing angle ParcSlope creates,” says Twelve South.

Twelve South ParcSlope is a desktop productivity stand

The tablet or laptop is held at an 18-degree angle by the one-piece metal stand. An opening is designed to hold cables to make plugging and unplugging easier.

For MacBook users, ParcSlope can also be used with a keyboard and mouse. And it won’t interfere with opening the notebook’s lid. iPad users can put their tablet into landscape or portrait orientation — though iPad mini only fits in portrait.

The stand is made of aircraft aluminum and weighs 11 ounces. While lightweight, it’s not foldable. The only color option is matte black.

ParcSlope is shipping now for $59.99 at It’s eventually going to be on Amazon and the online Apple Store. A previous-generation version uses a different design that’s only for laptops.