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Puffco’s psychedelic promo video will give you a contact high


The Peak Pro clip doesn't look like your typical tech promo video.
The Peak Pro clip doesn't look like your typical tech promo video.
Photo: Puffco

CES 2021 bug Loaded with psychedelic visuals and insect-eye product shots, Puffco’s promo video for its upcoming Peak Pro vaporizer will get your head spinning.

The super-chill dabbers in the high-concept one-minute video all look like they’re doing their thing in darkened rooms at their own private raves. The Peak Pro’s pulsating lights and a pulsing soundtrack add to the mood.

With this year’s CES going virtual due to COVID-19, companies are leaning heavily on marketing videos and Zoom meetings to display their latest wares.

Puffco Peak Pro video

Puffco’s Peak Pro promo video stood out from the crowd during Pepcom’s CES preview event Monday, both because of its high-quality visuals and its almost total lack of traditional marketing.

In fact, aside from the hero product shots, the glowing Puffco logo and glimpses of a smartphone app that lets you tweak the Peak Pro, the only way you’d even know it’s a tech promo video is the stark tag line: “Peak Pro: Pre-order now.”

Puffco’s name doesn’t even appear!

Here’s the video. Be sure to hit full screen for max effect.

Puffco also does traditional videos

On a more traditional note, Puffco’s Peak Pro “behind the scenes” video introduces the company’s CEO and other execs.

“Sounds kind of hippie-dippie, but our intention is to serve the plant,” says Puffco founder and CEO Roger Volodarsky in the video. “Cannabis needs technology. If you go and you just eat a wild-growing nug, nothing is going to happen to you. You have to smoke it, you have to convert the THCA into THC. The Peak Pro is all about control. It’s all about being able to dial in to the experience that you believe to be perfect.”

For that, the Peak Pro uses an app for iOS and Android devices. Yes, Apple has a history of banning vaping-related apps from the App Store. To use the Puffco app, the company recommends utilizing a workaround that involves downloading the Path Browser.

Here’s Puffco’s much less trippy behind-the-scenes video:

The Puffco Peak Pro e-rig retails for $399.99. As legalization spreads across the United States and the world, and cannabis use goes increasingly mainstream, you can expect much more cannabis tech at shows like CES.

P.S. I never heard of Puffco before our own Leander Kahney mentioned the company’s Puffco Plus as one of his favorite products of 2020.

P.P.S. Still wondering if there’s an Apple connection? Check out Puffco’s “Sesh Different” tote bag.