AirPods 3 concept video imagines innovative changes


An AirPods 3 concept video shows what Apple’s 2021 earbuds might look like.
This might be a foretaste of the 2021 AirPods 3.
Photo: the Hacker 34

An AirPods 3 concept video brings together rumors and hopes for redesigned Apple in-ear headphones that are anticipated for later in 2021. The result is a video showing earbuds that merge aspects of AirPods Pro with the more basic version, and mix in some new features as well.

Watch the video now:

The AirPods 3 concept video is from the Hacker 34 YouTube channel.

AirPods 3 concept hoped for big changes

These headphones have appeared in multiple rumors, and there’s no agreement from sources about whether they will have the removable silicone tips from the AirPods Pro. This concept forgoes them. But it does suggest Apple introduce a version in Space Grey.

Fans of Apple’s current versions will likely second the wish for 30 hours of battery life. AirPods Pro offer only 4.5 hours of listening time.

According to previous rumors, the upcoming version will hit a $200 price point by leaving out features like active noise cancellation. This concept doesn’t change that.

A notable feature of the design isn’t actually in the AirPods or their case. the Hacker 34 suggests Apple build reverse wireless charging into future iPhone models, allowing these handsets to charge the headphones. This is an idea that Apple is at least considering.

Exactly when AirPods 3 will debut has not heat leaked out. But they reportedly will reach store shelves some time in the first half  of 2021.