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Binge-watch a lifetime of great documentaries with this streaming service


The best streaming service for documentaries available on Apple Store
Get a "forever" sub to the best streaming service for documentaries.
Image: CuriosityStream

There are plenty of streaming options out there and, while you might have beefed up your home theater setup for action flicks and your favorite feel-good shows, after a certain point, you’re probably longing for content that’s a little more educational. The CuriosityStream HD Plan: Lifetime Subscription gives you access to thousands of the world’s best documentaries on the award-winning streaming and on-demand viewing service.

Sometimes the truth is stranger (and more fascinating) than fiction. With this platform, you can enjoy unlimited streaming of the best in documentary programming, from award-winning films to exclusive content only available on CuriosityStream. And, unlike other content, which sometimes all sounds the same after a while, you get something different every time with CuriosityStream. You can dive into the mysteries of the natural world with David Attenborough, or journey alongside Michio Kaku and Brian Greene, who will broaden your perspective on space, time and the future. And that’s just the beginning.

CuriosityStream is loaded with stunning visuals and unrivaled storytelling in thousands of documentaries that explore nature, history, science and more. It’s the perfect way to secretly educate kids (or yourself) — and you can watch from whatever device is most convenient, whether that’s your TV, desktop, phone or tablet.

The service adds brand-new content weekly, so you’ll never run out of things to watch. (Don’t worry: You can bookmark shows to watch later.) You can even download shows so you can watch them whenever you want without needing to rely on an internet connection.

This platform earns rave reviews from just about everyone, getting 4.7/5 stars on the App Store, 4.0/5 stars from PCMag  and 4.3/5 stars on Google Play. Get the CuriosityStream HD Plan: Lifetime Subscription for $149.99 (regularly $250), a savings of 40%.

Prices subject to change.