Molekule air purifiers literally destroy pollutants, and they’re on sale now


Molekule's advanced air purifiers come in a variety of shapes and sizes.
Molekule's air purifiers come in a variety of sizes to handle different rooms.
Photo: Molekule

This air purifier post is presented by Molekule.

If there was ever a year that cried out for clearing the air, it’s 2020. Many a pundit has called these 12 months “challenging” in many ways. This holiday season, with so many people spending most of their time at home, why not give yourself and others the gift of literally cleaned air? You can do that with a technologically advanced — and Apple HomeKit-compatible — Molekule air purifier, such as the Air Mini+. They’re on sale through Dec. 31.

Why clean the air?

There are lots of reasons to clean the air around you. It can contain many pollutants so tiny they’re usually invisible to the naked eye. Those can include tiny particles from wildfires and other sources. Bacteria. Mold. Ozone. Pollen, dust and other allergens.

Most conventional air purifiers capture pollutants in filters, but one family of air purifiers captures some but actually destroys many others on a molecular level (in this case, that’s not just an expression): Molekule.

Why just collect pollutants when you can destroy them?

How does it work differently? In a word, PECO

Molekule air purifiers destroy a wide range of pollutants compared to traditional air purifiers because Molekule’s products use photoelectrochemical oxidation (PECO) technology. The patented process uses photocatalysis, in which UV-A light activates a nanocatalyst-coated filter. That speeds up oxidation, which breaks down pollutants to their most basic molecular components.

These pollutants include bacteria, mold, viruses, allergens and volatile organic compounds (aka chemicals) from many sources. By using nanotechnology, PECO can destroy pollutants 1,000 times smaller than what’s tested for by the HEPA standard.

Advantages of Air Mini+

If you’ve never run an air-pollution sensor in your space, you might be in for a surprise the first time. Indoor air pollution can be more common than you think. The sensor in the Air Mini+, designed to detect particles, gives you a window into your room’s air quality.

Molekule Air Mini+ features 360-degree air intake that cleans the air in rooms up to 250 square feet in size. That’s great for spaces like studio apartments, kids’ bedrooms and home offices. The small purifier is designed to sit on an elevated surface, like a table or counter, and pull in pollutants from all sides. Then the patented PECO process, activated by light, goes to work breaking them down.

After a little while, depending on the air quality you start with, you might see the sensor’s readings go from an alarmingly high number to a reassuringly low one.

A family of PECO air purifiers

The Molekule Air Mini+ is ideal for spaces like kids' rooms and home offices.
The Molekule Air Mini+ is ideal for spaces like kids’ rooms and home offices.
Photo: Molekule

The Air Mini+ and all Molekule air purifiers can run whisper-quiet on silent mode, which is great if you’re a light sleeper. They come with a subscription to auto-refill of filters. That means you have them when you need them. See more detail on each Molekule product below. You can choose the best one depending on room size, or bundle a group of filters for your whole home or office. You can find out even more on Molekule’s YouTube channel.

  • Molekule Air is designed for large rooms up to 600 square feet, appropriate for large bedrooms, living rooms and family rooms.
  • Molekule Air Mini is designed for small rooms up to 250 square feet. That works well for studio apartments, kids’ bedrooms and home offices.
  • Molekule Air Mini+ has all the features of Air Mini with the added benefit of a particle sensor to measure airborne particulate matter levels, plus an Auto Protect mode to regulate fan speed for optimal air purification.
  • Molekule Air Pro is designed for extra-large rooms up to 1,000 square feet. That cleans the air in spacious, open floor plans or in office settings.

Price: 30-day home trial. Air Mini+ is $439 ($60 off) and the Air Mini is $349 ($50 off) through Dec. 31 on the Molekule website.

Where to buy: Molekule or Apple (where you can purchase Air Mini+ with HomeKit).


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