Get customized training with fitness guru Jillian Michaels


This fitness app is a great way to get fit without having to leave your home
This fitness app is a great way to get fit without leaving your home.
Photo: Cult of Mac Deals

There’s plenty of time to figure out what goals you want to set for the new year, whether you want to learn a new language, figure out how to code or get into the best shape of your life.

If you’re looking for a way to get fit without trekking to the gym, check out this subscription to Jillian Michaels: The Fitness App. For only a fraction of the cost of a gym or studio membership, you can get tips from one of the world’s best trainers, along with customized workouts and a diet plan to match your goals.

Jillian Michaels has one of the best reputations in the fitness industry and is a renowned life coach. Her award-winning app earned 4.7/5 stars on the App Store and 4.5/5 stars on the Google Play Store, because it brings Jillian’s signature approach and style in the most portable and accessible format possible. This personalized health and fitness app delivers an advanced dynamic workout system featuring Michaels’ prestigious DVD collection. And it includes an Advanced Meal Planner System (AMP) to help you fuel your body appropriately.

You can access 800-plus workouts shot in HD video, ensuring you never get stuck in a rut. You get everything from basic classes to help you get your form right, to more advanced classes featuring both HIIT and targeted routines. Choose the intensity level that works best for you, with the option to swap and even ban exercises during a workout. (Perfect if you’re recuperating from an injury.) This app was built with accessibility in mind, too. You can select available equipment to use during a workout. Or you can enjoy audio-only workouts and meditations if you’d like to spend some time outdoors.

You can even play your own music during a workout, and a feature called Beat Sync will adjust the pace of the workout to the pace of your playlist. You can get a lifetime subscription to Jillian Michaels: The Fitness App for $149.99 (regularly $449) from Cult of Mac, for a savings of 66%.

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