Interesting Apple Watch concept totally rethinks a basic feature


An Apple Watch concept gets complications out of the way
What if your Apple Watch face was pristine because the complications were hidden out of the way?
Screenshot: A Better Computer

Apple Watch offers watch faces that’s do much more than tell time. But a user thinks the extra snippets of information — called complications — junk up the appearance of the wearable. They created an Apple Watch concept that moves them off the display and onto the pop-up window that’s currently the Control Center.

The idea comes from Matt, who runs the YouTube channel A Better Computer. He’s a heavy Apple Watch user, but feels conflicted. “There’s kind of this push-and-pull of, do I want to the watch face that I think looks the best or do I want the watch face that gives me the most information?”

Apple Watch concept gets complications out of the way

The proposed solution is to get the snippets of information off the watch face. Drag up from the bottom of an Apple Watch screen and the Control Center pops up. Matt believes this doesn’t get used very much, and would be a better place for complications.

To be clear, the concept doesn’t include getting rid of the Control Center. It would still be there at the bottom of the pop-up window.

Watch the proposal video from A Better Computer to see all Matt’s reasons why Apple Watch complications should be merged with the Control Center.

With watchOS 7 reaching Apple Watches a few months ago, Apple is almost certainly hard at work on watchOS 8.