Optimize your Mac’s performance for a full year



Most of us can’t imagine what we would do without our trusty MacBook — it holds important work files, personal documents and fond memories. But with the threat of malware, spyware and a host of other menaces looming every time you connect to the internet, it’s worth investing in software that extends the longevity of your device.

Not only does Outbyte MacRepair scan your computer for security threats, but it also checks for performance issues, junk files and unused apps that clog up your valuable Mac storage space. Essentially, it optimizes your Mac’s performance.

Free up space on your Mac

If you’ve been wondering why your Mac is dragging in terms of recent usage, it might be due to pesky duplicates. Outbyte MacRepair has an effective duplicate-removal feature that can help you identify and remove potentially harmful software. It also scans your hard drive to identify and remove files you don’t need, freeing up some storage space. (That means you’ll have plenty of room to download apps and software that can actually optimize your workflow.)

Worried about accidentally deleting precious memories? Outbyte MacRepair identifies similar pictures so you can select the best ones and save space by clearing out the rest. It also highlights unused and large files on your Mac so you can review them for deletion. It also can disable apps that launch when the system starts up (slowing down your boot times). Plus, it optimizes memory usage by reshuffling RAM from inactive apps running in the background.

It even notifies you about suspicious-looking websites (and gives you the opportunity to block them). It also alerts you if you have any potentially unwanted programs lurking on your device. This tool is basically like having your own automated Mac repair team on-demand — which is why it got a 4.5/5 rating on Trustpilot.

Save on Outbyte MacRepair

Get this Outbyte MacRepair: 1-Year License for $29.99 (regularly $249) — that’s a savings of 88%.

Prices subject to change.