Take advantage of Black Friday deals and instantly add an extra screen or two to your laptop


Mobile Pixels TRIO
Instantly add a screen (or two!) to your laptop, perfect for custom workflows, presentations and more.
Photo: Cult of Mac Deals

For many people, productivity at the computer depends on more than one screen. Just because you’re using your laptop shouldn’t mean sacrificing your workflow, so this add-on makes it easy to add valuable screen real estate to your mobile machine.

The TRIO series from Mobile Pixels is an easy way to add a multi-screen arrangement to almost any laptop. Whether for writers, gamers, stock traders, entrepreneurs, coders, students, you name it. If you’re on the go, just plug TRIO MAX into your 15 to 15.6 inch laptop – whether Mac, Chromebook, Android or Linux – and you’ve suddenly got another screen. Power and signal carry through one USB cable, so there’s no mess to deal with. With 270° rotation, you can set it to match your favorite arrangement, even facing forward for mobile presentations. The Mobile Pixels TRIO is 12.6″ x 8.6″ x 0.45″, while the TRIO MAX is 14″ x 9.5″ x 0.45″. With the TRIO MAX: Portable Triple Screen Laptop Monitor, you get two 14″ x 9.5″ x 0.45″ screens.

Buy now: Get the Mobile Pixels TRIO for $215 with the coupon code SCREEN44 at checkout. You can also get the TRIO MAX for $240 with the coupon code SCREEN49, or get two of them for $447 with the code SCREEN101. That’s 83%, 75%, and 76% of the usual prices.