Apple rolls out new macOS Big Sur 11.0.1 update for some users


macOS Big Sur offers a lot, but not a touchscreen Mac.
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Photo: Apple

Apple this week rolled out a revised macOS Big Sur update for some Mac users. The version 11.0.1 release likely addresses some minor bugs and performance issues.

macOS Big Sur made its public debut on November 12 with a version 11.0.1 release. Its launch was marred by server and installation issues, while some older 13-inch MacBook Pro units were rendered unusable.

Now, just one week later, a revised macOS 11.0.1 update is available — but not for everyone.

macOS 11.0.1 sees new build

This second release, spotted by YouTuber Aaron Zollo, comes with build number 20B50. The first carried build number 20B29. You will only see it if you’re currently running macOS Catalina or earlier.

The revised release is not available to those already running macOS 11.0.1. So, although the changes are unclear, it seems it may have been rolled out to address installation issues on some machines.

We cannot yet confirm whether the new build fixes the problem that caused some late 2013 and mid-2014 MacBook Pro units to become bricked. Install with caution if you’re one of those users.

What to expect from Big Sur

Big Sur is Apple’s biggest macOS update in years. It introduces a brand-new design inspired by iOS, as well as big improvements to built-in apps like Messages, Mail, and Safari.

The update also brings a Control Center with quick access to things like Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, a cleaner Notification Center, improved performance and power efficiency, and more.