Relax, Apple plans software fix for iPhone 12 green screen problem

Relax, Apple plans software fix for iPhone 12 green screen problem


A fix is coming for the iPhone 12 green screen glitch.
Apple is aware that of the iPhone 12 green screen problem.
Photo: Apple/Cult of Mac

Apple is reportedly working on a software fix for the iPhone 12 screens that take on a greenish tint. Hardware replacement won‘t be required.

A similar glitch cropped up with the iPhone 11 earlier in 2020 and was taken care of with an iOS update.

iPhone 12: It’s not easy being green

Reports of iPhone 12 green screens popped up around the web since this device launched. And it has been widely discussed on Apple’s own support website. The problem supposedly affects every variation of the new model.

This hasn’t escaped Apple’s notice. Apple Authorized Service Providers were notified that the iPhone-maker is looking into the problem, according to MacRumors. In the mean time, techs were told they should not replace displays that are showing a green or blue tint. Instead, the owners of these devices are to be told to keep installing new iOS updates.

This isn’t unwarranted optimism from Apple. iOS 13.6.1, released in September, squashed a bug that caused some iPhone 11 screens to have a green tint. The problem then was a thermal management issue — that might be the cause again.