You can now apply for Apple Card in your web browser


Apply for Apple Card online
Sign up on almost any device.
Screenshot: Cult of Mac

It’s now possible to apply for Apple Card in your web browser on almost any device … so long as you live in the United States. The new online form gives new customers an alternative to the Wallet app.

Apple Card has seemingly proven popular among Apple fans, despite not yet expanding its reach outside of the U.S. Apple is now making it even easier to sign up with a new web-based application process.

How to apply for Apple Card on the web

To use it, simply visit the Apple Card application page in your web browser and click the Apple Now button. Enter your details, and you should find out whether or not you’re approved in under a minute.

Those who are approved will be handed a virtual Apple Card that can be used to make purchases immediately. A physical card, made from titanium, can also be requested for in-store purchases.

Apple Card continues to offer unlimited daily cash back at up to 3%, no fees, and easy ways to keep track of your spending on iPhone. Other perks include generous discounts and freebies.

Rumor has it Apple Card will be available in other markets eventually. Apple has also begun offering previously declined customers a “path to Apple Card” in an effort to attract more users.