The Pathless offers an open-world mythic adventure on Apple Arcade


‘The Pathless’ launched November 12 from Apple Arcade.
With just a bow and an eagle, take on an epic quest in The Pathless on Apple Arcade.
Photo: Giant Squid/Annapurna Interactive

An archer and her eagle are the centers of The Pathless, an open-world adventure that debuted Thursday for iPad, Mac, iPhone and other platforms. Players take on the role of the Hunter, who travels a mystical island with her feathered companion and dispel a curse of darkness. There are monsters to slay and puzzles to solve.

Apple Arcade subscribers can play this new title at a considerable savings over other platforms.

The Pathless is an open-world game that features unique archery and traversal mechanics,” said Matt Nava, creative director at Giant Squid, the developer. “The Hunter and Eagle’s swift, fluid movements carry them seamlessly through the vast, forested landscape as players set out to banish an ancient curse of darkness. We can’t wait for players to immerse themselves in the mythology of this mysterious world we have made and unravel its secrets.”

Players use archery skills to speed through misty forests, lush meadows and snowy tundras on their way to battle giant corrupted spirits. The eagle can even help the Hunter fly.

The Pathless was developed by Giant Squid, which previously created the underwater adventure Abzû. Nava talks through what to expect for the company’s latest offering in a preview video released by Annapurna Interactive, the publisher of this title.

This is a single-player game for players aged 9 and up. There are versions for iPhone, Mac, iPad and Apple TV. It can be played with external game controllers or touchscreens (where available).

Available on Apple Arcade, PlayStation and more

The Pathless can be downloaded now from the App Store. It’s part of Apple Arcade, so playing requires a $4.99 per month subscription. The PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4 and PC versions cost $39.99.

Apple’s gaming service includes over 100 other titles. Annapurna Interactive previously published Sayonara Wild Hearts on Apple Arcade.

Still undecided about The Pathless? Watch the launch trailer.