Peer into the microverse with macro smartphone camera lenses


Macro Lense Kit
This pair of super slim macro lenses slip right over your phone or tablet's camera and open up new photographic possibilities.
Photo: Cult of Mac Deals

Our smartphones come with great cameras, but only if what you’re photographing is fairly large. There are whole universes to explore in smaller scales, and adding a macro lens to your phone or tablet is a great way to open up new photographic possibilities. That’s just what these incredibly slim macro lenses offer.

This Blips macro lens kit includes the Macro and Macro Plus lenses. Both are almost unbelievably compact, like microscope slides or plastic page markers that slip right over your smartphone camera, with light adhesive pads to hold them in place. The Macro lens offers a 10x magnification with 10 mm focal distance. With the Macro Plus Lens, you get 5x magnification and a focal distance of 20 mm.

No matter what model smartphone you own, you can instantly get much clearer shots of very small objects. You can leave the lenses on your phone for quick access, or keep them in your wallet with a credit card-size holder. The kit includes replacement tape, too, so you can continue using them for a long time.

Buy now: Get this Blips Macro Lens Kit for $19.99. That’s a 25% discount.