Mophie redesigns Juice Pack iPhone battery case to make it universal

Mophie redesigns Juice Pack iPhone battery case to make it universal


The Mophie Juice Pack Connect
A revamped Mophie Juice Pack Connect charges your phone with a removable battery.
Photo: Zagg/Mophie

There’s no longer a need to buy a new Mophie Juice Pack battery case when upgrading your iPhone. A version launched Tuesday adds 5,000mAh of power to any handset that supports wireless charging, both iOS and Android.

In addition, Juice Pack Connect includes a phone grip that’s also a stand for the phone.

Juice Pack Connect is modular charging on the go

Previous versions of the Mophie Juice Pack were cases with built-in batteries. Each fit a single iPhone model. Those days are gone.

Those earlier versions added considerable bulk to the handset. The revamped version allows the chunky power bank to be easily removed when not in actually use.

The 2020 Mophie Juice Pack Connect starts with an anchor that sticks to the iPhone, or a lightweight case. A battery slides onto this anchor for charging on the go. Otherwise, slide off the battery and slide on the ring holder/stand.

Mophie created a video to demonstrate the features of the accessory.

The Mophie Juice Pack Connect sends power to the handset wirelessly, so it won’t take up the Lightning port. And the power bank itself can be replenished wirelessly, or through a USB-C port. This port can also be used to charge another computer.

Just to be clear, this accessory does not use Apple’s new MagSafe system. The anchor connects to the handset or a case via adhesive, not magnets. Nevertheless, Mophie’s latest is as compatible with iPhone 12 as it is earlier models.

The new Juice Pack Connect is available today on the website of Zagg, Mophie’s parent company. It costs $79.95.

“The Juice Pack Connect demonstrates Mophie’s deep commitment to the performance and convenience of mobile power,” said Charlie Quong, VP of product development at Zagg. “And it does so in a design that works with any Qi-enabled smartphone, with or without a lightweight protective case.

Source: Zagg