Here’s how Apple tests if AirPods are gunked up with earwax


AirPods wall display is on show in New York.
There’s a new AirPods audio test tool for Apple techs.
Photo: Ste Smith/Cult of Mac

Apple techs will reportedly use a new bit of kit to evaluate AirPods. The audio test tool will determine if a pair of earbuds have an actual problem, or if the problem is in the ears of their wearer.

The first details of the AirPods audio test tool came from an Apple tipster who calls themselves Fudge on Twitter. They said, “New phone holder with AirPod attachments pointing AirPods at phones mic.”

Pictures show that the apparatus hold the earbuds face-to-face, right next to an iPhone microphone. Apparently, a companion iOS app evaluates whether the earbuds have a problem. As Fudge puts it, “No more guessing if it’s a gunked up disgusting AirPod or customers bad hearing.”

The AirPods audio test tool is reportedly for first- and second-generation AirPods. Not for AirPods Pro.

Clean your AirPods

Earwax isn’t a popular topic of conversation, but it’s there to keep dust and bacteria out of your inner ear. While generally beneficial, it’s something that earbuds wearers have to deal with.

Specifically, it can gum up the speakers. One of the purposes of the AirPods audio test tool is supposedly to check to see if this is happening.

There’s a way to prevent this. Or at least make it much less likely to happen. Clean your gross, waxy AirPods.