Concept artist takes Apple AirTags for a spin


A concept video shown off Apple AirTags in all their glory.
Take a sneak peek at Apple AirTags thanks to a concept video.
Screenshot: Concept Creator

A concept artist dreamed up an introduction video for Apple AirTags. These item trackers could debut as early as November, and pictures have leaked out already. But this is the first video they’ve starred in.

Watch the concept video now:

The video appears on the YouTube channel Concept Creator.

The device shown is based on information obtained by Jon Prosser in September. The concept artist acknowledges that in his description, “Here we go! the Apple AirTags in all it’s glory! And how it will look following what Jon Prosser has showed us before, I made a introduction video fully based on that.”

AirTags could launch in November

AirTags will supposedly be Apple’s version of item-tracking tags. Attach one of these small gizmos to a keychain or a purse and an iPhone can easy track down the device if it gets misplaced. They’ll compete with Tile trackers, but those depend entirely on Bluetooth short-range networking. Apple’s offering will supposedly use Ultra Wideband, in which radio signals are broadcast across a broad swath of the radio spectrum. This travels well through walls, and allows distances to be determined with great accuracy.

Apple has never said anything official about AirTags, but they’ve been the subject of rumors for over a year. The most recent of these indicates that this product will launch in November, alongside the first Macs with Apple Silicon.