Get preapproved for iPhone Upgrade Program before iPhone 12 sales start


iPhone 12 Pro
Speed through the preorder process tomorrow morning.
Photo: Apple

If you plan to preorder iPhone 12 Pro tomorrow, October 16, through the iPhone Upgrade Program, then do yourself a massive favor and get preapproved today. It will make the whole process quicker and easier.

You have until 9 p.m. PDT today to submit your loan application to Apple. We’ll show you how.

If you’ve ever preordered an iPhone on day one before, you’ll know it can be a painful process. Initial stock sells out incredibly quickly, so if you’re not ready and waiting, you can miss out on launch day delivery.

That’s why you should get preapproved for the iPhone Upgrade Program today. It will speed up the preordering process tomorrow, so you’ll be able to fly through and secure your order before it’s too late.

Here’s how.

How to get preapproved for iPhone Upgrade Program

Ensure you have the Apple Store app downloaded on your iPhone or iPad, then follow these steps:

  1. Tap the Shop tab, then select iPhone 12 Pro.
  2. Choose the model you wish to preorder. Be sure to select the right color and storage option.
  3. Confirm your carrier.
  4. Complete the preapproval process when prompted.
  5. Return to the Apple Store app from 5 a.m. PDT tomorrow, October 16, to complete your iPhone 12 Pro preorder.

Remember, your preapproval application must be submitted by 9 p.m. PDT today or 12 a.m. EDT tomorrow. If you miss the deadline, you’ll need to go through approval when you preorder tomorrow.

This is the first time Apple has offered preapproval for iPhone Upgrade Program customers, and we highly recommend you take advantage of it. iPhone 12 Pro is expected to sell out incredibly quickly.

As soon as shipping times start slipping, you could be waiting weeks for your new handset to arrive.

How much will iPhone 12 Pro cost?

iPhone 12 Pro starts at $49.91 per month through the iPhone Upgrade Program, and AppleCare+ is included as standard. The more affordable iPhone 12 starts at $39.50, but that’s not available to preorder until October 23. iPhone 12 mini goes up for preorder on November 6.