Take an extra 20% off these 4 great iPhone accessories for Prime Day


Save big on some of the best iPhone accessories out there with our Prime Day sale.
Save big on some of the best iPhone accessories out there.
Photo: Cult of Mac Deals

Every year, Amazon’s Prime Day opens the floodgates on digital deals. Prime Day might be the ultimate shopping holiday, but Amazon doesn’t really need your money. Here at Cult of Mac Deals, we’re offering other ways to save, with massive discounts — and four full days of savings!

For example, we discounted each of these iPhone accessories by half or more. And continuing through October 14, you can save an extra 20% off nearly everything in our store by entering coupon code “OCTSALE20” at checkout.

Wheel of Power Mobile Wireless Charger – 53% off

This powerful 10-watt wireless charger brings a Tron-like touch to your desktop. Gesture-controlled LEDs change color while charging the phone, for a Wheel of Power light show. It’s flexible, too, so you can adjust and set the angle of your phone while it charges.

Buy now: Get the Wheel of Power Mobile Wireless Charger for $64.99. That’s 53% off the usual price.

10-foot cloth MFi-certified Lightning cable – 62% off

This extra-long Lightning cable is sheathed in cloth fiber, so it won’t fray or tangle. With MFi certification, you can count on it to deliver a charge and transfer data. It’s 10 feet long, so it’ll never have trouble reaching your devices.

Buy now: Get a 10-foot cloth MFi-certified Lightning cable for $14.99. That’s a 62% discount.

Mini UV Light Bar: Disinfect in Seconds – 69% off

This portable Mini UV Light Bar makes it easy to kill germs and viruses on almost any smooth surface. You can use it to sanitize your electronic devices, doorknobs, elevator buttons — even toilet seats! — with no chemicals, residue or odor. Its rechargeable battery lasts five to six hours on a charge, so you can get a lot of disinfecting done.

Buy now: Get a Mini UV Light Bar for $29.99. That’s a nice 69% discount.

2-in-1 Dimmable LED Selfie Ring Light – 50% off

These days, your public face is often seen through a webcam. This 2-in-1 LED ring light makes it easy to get a polished, professional look when you’re on-screen. With three distinct lighting options, you can dial in the perfect amount of pop. Plus, it comes with an adjustable tripod, a phone holder and other handy features.

Buy now: Get the 2-in-1 Dimmable LED Selfie Ring Light for $59.99. That’s half off the usual price.