Realistic iPad Air 4 concept shows what to expect from Apple’s next tablet


The 2020 iPad Air 4 could look a lot like this concept.
The iPad Air 4 could be the latest Apple tablet to offer an almost edge-to-edge display.

A concept artist compiled the leaks, rumors and unconfirmed reports about the iPad Air 4 into a series of beautiful images.

This tablet could be unveiled as soon as next week, bringing a very significant redesign. These concept pictures give a sneak peek and what’s probably on the docket.

They come from, who produced some beautiful iPhone 12 concept images this spring. Plus, this Slovak website first took a swing at a possible iPad Air redesign back in May.

iPad Air 4 rumors spring to life

The latest images are heavily based on reports that Apple intends to give the next iPad Air the same makeover the iPad Pro received in 2018. That means the bezels are almost disappearing, along with the Home button. That will make room for a 10.8-inch display, an an increase from the 10.5-inch one in the 2019 iPad Air.

The iPad Air 4 could look a heck of a lot like the iPad Pro
A redesign could completely transform the look of the iPad Air 4.

The concept design is also based on a recent leak that Apple will build a Touch ID fingerprint scanner into the power button. However, a rival report might indicate that this device will have Face ID instead. expects better audio with four stereo speakers, like the current iPad Pro. And USB-C, rather than a Lightning port, allowing multiport hubs to be used with this a tablet.

A new Apple A14 processor is part of the concept, the same chip headed for the iPhone 12. This might be a bit optimistic, as the 2020 iPad Pro released in the spring uses a A12Z processor.

More concept images of this iPadOS device are available on