Samsung Galaxy Note 20 solidly beats iPhone 11 in drop test


Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra vs. Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max drop test
A new material gave Samsung’s latest handset an advantage over last year’s iPhone in a drop test.
Photo: PhoneBuff

The Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra survived a series of drop tests better than the Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max. And that’s exactly what’s to be expected.

The Note 20 only just started reaching customer’s hands, giving it access to the latest, toughest version of Gorilla Glass. The iPhone 11 debuted almost a year ago, and is about to be replaced.

Gorilla Glass Victus makes a big difference

By coming out slightly ahead of the iPhone 12, the Note 20 Ultra gets to be the first with Gorilla Glass Victus, a version of this protective material that hit the market in July. Corning claims it offers 25% better drop performance than its predecessor, and is also twice as resistant to scratching.

To see how well Gorilla Glass Victus protects the Note 20 Ultra, the YouTube channel PhoneBuff did a drop test of this Android, and compared it to the results for the iPhone 11 Pro Max.

“While it’s only a sample size of one, the Note 20 Ultra held up better in our standardized test than any smartphone we’ve ever tested,” noted PhoneBuff.

The Samsung device was dropped onto its face 11 times. The first drop was 1 meter, and the rest were just under 1.5 m. At the end of this series, the Gorialla Glass covering the screen remained intact.

iPhone 11 Pro Max drop test

In contrast, the protective glass on the iPhone 11 Pro Max cracked on the initial 1 meter drop test.

Corning says that this model uses Gorilla Glass, but it’s not clear what version. Apple would only say at the launch event last September that the iPhone 11 uses the “toughest glass in a smartphone.”

A better comparison will be possible this autumn, when the upcoming iPhone 12 can be compared to the Galaxy Note 20.

In the mean time, watch the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra vs. Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max drop test: