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Will Obama Bring a Mac to the White House?



Barack Obama is a Mac. At least that’s how the NYT described his style, approach, manner — naming rival Hillary Clinton a PC about a year ago.

The soon-to-be 44th president of the United States, who addresses citizens via YouTube and Twitter, is also a Mac user who has been spotted flashing an iPhone, keeps up with his family via iChat, whose “O” logo was designed on a Mac and whose campaign was powered by MacBooks.

Obama has said they’ll have to pry the Blackberry out of his hands and, in addition to the more obvious firsts, may be the first president to put a lap top in the Oval Office. (It would give him something in common with Russian President Dimitry Medvedev, who has been photographed doing official business on his MacBook.)

Do you want to see a Mac on the desk of the Oval Office or is the choice of First Laptop a non-issue?

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