Monochest keeps Apple Watch and spare bands safe and portable


Monowear Monochest for Apple Watch
Ideal for Apple Watch owners always on the move.
Photo: Monowear

Wondering where you should store all your spare Apple Watch bands? You definitely don’t want to lose them, so instead, keep them safe and secure in the brilliant new Monochest case from Monowear.

The Monochest not only holds three spare bands, but it also has space for your Apple Watch and its charger. Everything stays tidy, and it’s ready to go whenever you travel.

Keeping your Apple Watch bands and accessories safe when you travel can be a real pain. How many times have you lost a spare strap in the bottom of your bag or suitcase? With Monochest, it’s never a problem.

Monowear Monochest for Apple Watch
Available in gray or pearl.
Photo: Monowear


Monochest looks like a gorgeous book or folio case from the outside. On the inside, it has some special tricks up its sleeve.

Monochest keeps Apple Watch bands safe

One of those is three different band compartments. There are two for traditional bands that come in two pieces, and another that will hold both traditional bands, as well as one-piece metal bracelets.

The other is a space to hold your Apple Watch and its charger. Simply feed your charging puck inside, plug it in, and your Watch sits securely while it’s getting a top-up. You can even close up the Monochest while charging takes place, and see your Watch through its little window.

The Monochest makes it easy to transport Apple Watch and spare bands when you’re on the move — without the fear of losing or damaging anything in transit. And it’s more affordable than it looks.

Get yours today from the Cult of Mac Store in pearl or gray for just $43. Alternatively, check out Monowear’s handy Travel Fold Up case for just $35.