iPhone 12 concept is just what we’ve been hoping for


AN iPhone concept includes a smaller notch and a 120 Hz display.
Few people would be disappointed in this iPhone concept turned out to be real.
Photo: TECH 2 SEE/ConceptsiPhone

A new iPhone concept gives a visual demonstration of many of the rumors about the handset Apple is expected to unveil this autumn. But it also includes some hoped-for features that might not make the cut.

Watch the video now:

The video was created by TECH 2 SEE for ConceptsiPhone, a YouTube channel that gives artists a place to show off Apple-related concept art.

iPhone 12 concept with some hoped-for features

The design of this iPhone concept reflects the myriad unconfirmed reports that at least some of the four 2020 iOS models will have flatter edges — a feature borrowed from the recent iPad Pro.

The design also includes a fourth camera lens, though rumors indicate this will instead be a Lidar 3D scanner like the one in the 2020 iPad Pro. This feature is only expected to be included in the two rumored iPhone 12 Pro models, not the two cheaper versions.

This concept includes a smaller notch (the screen cutaway where Apple packs in a bunch of sensors). This has been rumored but there’s also contradictory evidence.

And while there have been scattered reports that Apple will put a 120 Hz display in the 2020 iPhone, these don’t come from the most reliable sources. Still, this is a feature of the iPad Pro series, and the recently announced Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra.

Curiously, the iPhone concept makes no mention of 5G, although this is expected to be a highlight of the handsets coming this autumn. This year’s iPhones will certainly use the Apple A14 processor to run iOS 14.

The iPhone 12 will almost certainly debut in October 2020, not September. It’ll be one of a range of devices coming from Apple before the end of 2020.