This wireless charging stand clears deskspace and protects your iPhone.

Wirelessly charge your iPhone and declutter your desk all at once


Qi Charging Desk Stand
This combination case and wireless charging stand makes for quick, convenient charging and less clutter.
Photo: Cult of Mac Deals

Qi wireless charging makes topping off an iPhone as easy as setting it down on the table. It’s quick and simple, but there are ways to get better use out of your phone while it charges. With this combination case and stand, you can declutter your desk at the same time.

The Xvida Wireless Charging Desk Stand includes two parts. First, there’s a sleek desk mount with a wireless charger built in, working at 7.5 watts so you can charge quickly. Second is an Xvida Magnetic Case, which instantly mounts to the charger so you can easily and quickly connect and charge.

Magnets on both the case and the charger keep it firmly in place, and in a convenient position for viewing and interacting. This charging stand also frees up desk space and helps reduce clutter. It comes with slip-resistant feet for a sturdy stance, and is constructed of heat-absorbing materials for fast charging without overheating.

Buy now: Get the Home and Office Kit: Qi Charging Desk Stand and iPhone Case in black for $69.99. (You can also get the set in silver.) Either way, that’s 39% off the usual price.