This Apple Store Easter egg is popping!


The Apple Store app hit a milestone
The Apple Store app hit double digits, and you can join in the party.
Photo: Ed Hardy/Cult of Mac

The Apple Store app debuted 10 years ago, and laid an Easter egg to recognize this milestone.

Type in the right words and you can join the celebration with balloons.

Fun with the Apple Store app

The Apple Store app lets users shop for the company’s hardware products from their iPhone or iPad. It’s designed to be easier to use than going to on a mobile device. (Don’t confuse it with the App Store, which is for software.)

The shopping app launched a decade ago. To join in the anniversary celebration, go to the Apple Store app’s search function, then type in “10 years” (without quotes).

A pair of bobbing balloons will appear, which you can play with. And eventually pop.

When you’re done, shop for an iPad Pro and notice that the wait time is still about a month.

Source: Michael Steeber