Unwind with streaming content designed to calm your mind


Get unlimited access to video and music that will put an end to sleeplessness and anxiety.
Photo: Cult of Mac Deals

More than ever, it’s easy to carry stress throughout the day and into the night. Research shows that sleep quality is one of the most important indicators of overall health. And if you want a reliable way to feel your best, it’s getting a good night’s sleep.

This streaming service, loaded with content designed to calm your mind, will take you to the Land of Zzzzs …

It’s called Restflix, and it’s all about helping users fall asleep faster and rest better. It’s loaded with more than 20 personalized channels full of meditative music, calming videos and binaural beats that harness the brain’s responsiveness to sound.

The content tunes into the brain’s centers of arousal, so your mind calms down quickly. With Restflix’s guided meditations, bedtime stories, serene landscapes and nature sounds, you can develop better sleep habits. It’s also useful for taming insomnia, tinnitus and night-time anxiety — or just as part of a daily relaxation or meditation practice.

Restflix works on all major platforms, so you can watch on tvOS and iOS, Roku, Android and Fire TV, with unlimited video and audio (and no annoying interruptions).

Buy now: Get a year of Restflix Restful Sleep Streaming Service for $29.99. You can also get two years for $49.99, or three years for $59.99. That’s 40%, 50% and 59% off the usual price, respectively.