Enhance your Mac with 8 awesome apps [Deals]


Limited Edition iMazing Bundle
Give your Mac a major productivity boost with this bundle of 8 apps.
Photo: Cult of Mac Deals

The biggest limitation on what our Macs can do comes down to the apps we install. This bundle of powerhouse apps includes 8 apps. They cover productivity, creativity, utility and more, so there’s something to make any Mac more useful. And now is the last chance to get it at a massive 93% off the usual price.

This Limited Edition Mac Bundle features iMazing, a powerful alternative to iTunes. iMazing calls itself the Swiss Army Knife of iPhone, iPad, and iPod management, and makes it so that you can easily browse and manage backups, drag and drop songs, and lots more. Also in this bundle are a powerful image-enhancing app, a tool for recovering data from compromised drives, and a platform for building beautiful websites. There’s a convenient VPN so you can stay anonymous online and avoid annoying content restrictions. There’s also a powerful file manager, a tool for getting the most out of each keystroke, and a mind mapper for gaining a command of your ideas. With these 8 apps, you’re sure to wring more usefulness out of your Mac.

Buy now: Get the Limited Edition Mac Bundle featuring iMazing for $49.99. That’s a full 93% off the usual price.