This combo of VPN and burner phone number is a win for your privacy.

Stay anonymous and secure, both online and on the phone [Deals]


Premium Mobile Privacy Bundle
Give your privacy a serious boost with lifetime subscriptions to a pair of killer services.
Photo: Cult of Mac Deals

The more we learn about how much of our information is up for grabs, the more it makes sense to protect ourselves. Privacy and security are precious, and we’ve got a great deal on a pair of powerful tools for preserving both.

The Premium Mobile Privacy Lifetime Subscription Bundle starts with Hushed Private Phone Line. It’s basically a burner phone number, so you can make and take calls without giving away your main line. It’s perfect for work, dating, Craigslist weirdos and other situations where you want to keep an arm’s distance. With it, you can safely make and take calls, send SMS messages, and even choose from area codes across the United States and Canada.

Also in this bundle is a lifetime of Hola VPN Plus for up to five devices. This virtual private network encrypts your data and reroutes through a different IP address, so you stay anonymous and secure online. Even better, it allows you to bypass annoying location restrictions, so you can catch all your content, no matter where you go.

Buy now: Get the Premium Mobile Privacy Lifetime Subscription Bundle for $49.99. That’s a massive 94% off the usual price.