Get the best dual wireless charger I’ve ever used for just $22.99


Choetech Dual Wireless Fast Charger
Get a killer price on a killer charger.
Photo: Lewis Wallace/Cult of Mac

Choetech’s Dual Wireless Charger is so convenient and reasonably priced that it’s always a no-brainer to recommend. And that’s before the gigantic discount you can get on this two-up wireless charging mat at Amazon today.

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If you’ve used a wireless charger for your iPhone or AirPods, you know it’s more convenient than plugging in a Lightning cable. However, some charging pads prove annoyingly fussy. In the worst cases, you must place your gadget in precisely the correct position or it simply will not charge.

You won’t need to deal with that hassle if you pounce on this deal on a Choetech Dual Wireless Charger. With five charging coils inside, this charger puts an end to the “is it charging or not?” problem. A bright green light indicates that your device is charging (which is practically every single time you toss it haphazardly on this thin, iPhone-size charger — it’s just that easy to use).

I loved this charger when I reviewed it last summer, and my opinion hasn’t changed a bit in the intervening months. It’s still the most convenient wireless charging mat I’ve ever used for keeping our household’s iPhones and AirPods juiced up and ready for action.

The black Choetech Dual Wireless Charger usually goes for $36.99, but you can cut $15 off that already low price today thanks to dual discounts on Amazon. Be sure to tick the coupon box to save $7. Then, enter coupon code L2L8LHZR during checkout to save an additional $8. Snag one now for just $21.99 plus tax. (If you simply must have the white charging mat, you can pay an extra $3.)

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