Wemo’s mini HomeKit smart plug is right around the corner

Wemo’s mini HomeKit smart plug is right around the corner


Wemo WiFi Smart Plug hardly takes up any room.
A redesigned Wemo WiFi Smart Plug brings HomeKit support to regular appliances later in July.
Photo: Belkin

Belkin began taking pre-orders on Monday for a much smaller version of the Wemo WiFi Smart Plug. Like the original, it supports Apple’s HomeKit home automation system. But in a design that doesn’t crowd the wall socket.

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Belkin took to Twitter on Monday to announce “Welcome to our newest and littlest addition to the Wemo family- the WiFi Smart Plug. Available for pre-order, now!”

New Wemo WiFi Smart Plug: Smaller and better

Plug this accessory into a wall socket, then plug lamps, heaters, or other devices into it. They can then be turned on or off with Siri commands. Or set up a timer with the Apple’s Home app, built into iPhones and iPads.

The original version is an easy way to add HomeKit, but the upcoming one takes up less space. “Its new convenient and compact form factor allows for stacking of additional Wemo smart plugs, or plugging another device in the same outlet with no obstruction,” notes Belkin.

In addition to HomeKit, this accessory also supports the rival Amazon Alexa home-automation system.

Belkin is taking preorders for the redesigned Wemo WiFi Smart Plug now on its website. It plans to start shipping on July 19. The price is$24.99.

Don‘t confuse the the upcoming version with the earlier one. The older version is still available for $19.99 on Amazon. It offers the same functionality, just in a larger package.