Stunning concept video brings iPhone 12 rumors to life


iPhone 12 rumors mix in this concept video.
The real iPhone 12 ads could look much like this concept video.
Screenshot: ConceptsiPhone

A new concept video beautifully combines iPhone 12 rumors into a three-minute ballet of tech. Done in the same style as Apple advertisements, it offers an early glimpse of what the real ads might look like when the 2020 iPhone models arrive this fall.

Watch it now:

The YouTube video was created by Devam Jangra for ConceptsiPhone. Just about everything shown was mentioned in one recent rumor or another. A notable exception is reverse wireless charging — this was allegedly coming in the iPhone 11 series but didn’t materialize.

Look through the iPhone 12 rumors

The next-generation iOS handset is still months away, but there’ve been innumerable leaks. According to numerous sources, Apple is planning no less than four iPhone 12 versions. Every one will feature redesigned chassis and OLED displays, and will use the A14 processor to run iOS 14. And all four will be the first Apple handsets to boast 5G capabilities.

As shown in the video, unconfirmed reports indicate the 2020 iPhone series starts with a standard of tier of 5.4- and 6.1-inch handsets. People willing to pay more can invest in 6.1- and 6.7-inch iPhone 12 Pro models, which will supposedly boast a Lidar 3D scanner like the one in the 2020 iPad Pro.