In this setup, everything pro, everything smart [Setups]


iMac Pro Setup
Danny Winget was on a mission to reach peak minimalism.
Photo: @superscientific

When tech YouTuber Danny Winget mapped out his dream setup, he was looking to achieve one thing: stark minimalism. He certainly found it. On his desk he has a screen, a keyboard and mouse, and not much else. What makes his desk notable though, is that everything is Pro and everything is smart — even his coffee cup.

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Winget’s screen is a Apple 32-inch Pro Display XDR and it cost $5,000. Winget initially opted for the Nano-Texture Glass, until he decided that the matte display made objects look too soft. So he ditched it and went with the Standard Glass. He has the controversial $1,000 Pro Stand, which he said was nice and he likes the tilt to it but it is “completely unnecessary.” It is the ultimate pro stand though.

Powering the operation is a Mac Pro, the most powerful thing named after a fruit. The desk itself is a BDI Centro Lift Standing Desk.

He has an Apple Magic Keyboard and Trackpad, the Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid of the tech world.

He has a Logitech 4K Pro Webcam, which was specifically designed for the Pro XDR Monitor. The Google Nest Hub on his desk acts as a monitoring station, doorbell, search engine, thermometer and speaker condensed into a 7-inch touchscreen. Very smart.

For audio he has the Boise Noise Cancelling Headphones 700. They’re a great pair of headphones with a cool, stretchy design.

To finish things off, he has a Phillips Hue LightStrip which is extremely versatile, allowing him to shape the strip wherever he wants, however he wants. Smart and pro.

Even his coffee mug is smart. He went full Larry David and got himself an Ember Temperature Control Mug to keep his java hot. And he has the One-Cord Cable Concealer, great for cable management.

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