Spigen's sleek new stand charges iPhone and Apple Watch for just $20

Spigen’s compact new stand charges iPhone and Apple Watch for just $20


Spigen Stand All for iPhone and Apple Watch
Control charging chaos.
Photo: Spigen

Stand All from Spigen is the new, ultra-affordable charging station that every desk needs. It tops up iPhone and Apple Watch (or AirPods and Apple Watch) simultaneously, and it’s a steal at under $20.

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If you own several Apple devices, things can get messy when they all need charging. You end up with tangled cables strewn all over the place, then they start sliding down the back of your desk or nightstand.

You can solve this problem with a simple charging stand that doesn’t have to be expensive. The Stand All is a great new option that keeps several Apple gadgets tidy while they’re topping up, and costs hardly anything.

Get Spigen’s Stand All dock for under $20

Made from soft silicone, the Stand All sits securely on your desk and won’t break if it gets knocked over. It has room for one Lightning connector and one Apple Watch charging puck, both of which are neatly organized.

Spigen 2-in-1 Stand All for iPhone and Apple Watch
Available in white or charcoal.
Photo: Spigen

Simply feed the charging cables you already own into the Stand All and it’s good to go. You can use it to charger iPhone and Apple Watch, or AirPods and Apple Watch, or Apple Pencil and Apple Watch … you get the idea.

Your iPhone sits upright in the stand so that it’s easy to see the time and incoming notifications, or to make FaceTime calls while at your desk.

Order yours today

You can order the new Stand All dock from Amazon today for just $19.99. It’s available in charcoal or white, and both are currently in stock and ready to ship right away.